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chemical operation manager 化学实验室经理



公司规模: 50-100人 公司性质: 外资企业
公司行业: 玩具、礼品、文具等
招聘人数: 1人 提供月薪: 面议
工作性质: 全职 学历要求: 本科及以上
工作年限: 3-5年 年龄要求: 不限
职位类别: 精细化工工程师,化工工程师/技术员,配色工程师
工作地点: 东莞
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    Duties & Responsibilities:

- Responsible to manage the chemicallaboratory activity
- Manage and train the chemicallaboratory supervisors
- Manage the chemistry labto carry out the test activity in consistent with standard procedures & quality system.
- Manage the technical resources in order to manage the workload and guarantee the respect of clients needs.
- Audit and sign the test reports.
- Collaborate with the other department in company
- Develop the new testing methods and/or new standards on line with company business plan
- Prepare the test program for offers, if needed
- Supervise the tests done or prepared by the engineers
- Responsible for the right application of technical procedures and / standard by engineers
- Responsible for delivering the results and test reports on time
- Identify, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.
- Responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions of all testing staff.
- Define the purchasing plan for equipments and consumables
- Define and manage the implementation of KPI of company (TAT, accuracy, etc…)
- Responsible for improvements of process inchemistry department.
- Check and sign test reports and folders
- Support Customer Services and sales for clients visits

- Follow the internal quality system of BV DG China
- Adhere to BV DG quality requirements
Skills and Requirements:

- Reliable to hard work
- Handle special queries and complaints.
- Ability to project manages& implements vehicle launch plan for work readiness schedules.
- Ability to perform multiple tasks.
- Individual and Team work ethic.
- Working knowledge of ISO/IEC / EN standards relating to consumer products.
- Knowledge of testing of electronics, toys and textiles for laboratory / manufacturing.
- Chemical and reference aptitude.
- Strong leadership and extensive management skills
- Knowledge of computer application in relevant software
Education & Experience:
- 5 working years experience in chemical laboratory tests and 3 years experience in management level.
- Good command of English.
- Strong leadership and extensive management skills.
- Good knowledge of consumer products in ISO/ IEC /EN standardsabout chemistry.
- Knowledge of computer application in relevant software

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